Jos Verstappen tells Massa to shut it and worry about his own future

F1 Grand Prix of Belgium - Practice

Max Verstappen’s volatile father Jos has hit back hard at Felipe Massa.

Two weeks ago and then again in Canada, Brazilian driver Massa criticised 17-year-old rookie Verstappen following his heavy crash in Monaco.

Toro Rosso rookie Verstappen already hit back at Massa on Friday, indicating the 34-year-old was hypocritical given his similar crash in Montreal a year ago.

Now, Max’s father Jos says: “It’s typical Massa.”

“He is always whining about someone else,” Verstappen snr, who even raced against Massa towards the end of his own F1 career last decade, added.

Jos, nicknamed ‘The Boss’ during his racing career, continued in a column for De Telegraaf newspaper: “I think he (Massa) should be more worried about his own place.

“He is 34 years old now and had his day in Formula 1. In that sense I think Massa’s age is a bigger issue than Max’s,” Verstappen charged.