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Honda and Ferrari spend engine tokens for Canada

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Engine manufacturers are finally preparing to deploy the contentious in-season performance tokens for the first time in 2015.

Until now, although Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda had made modifications to their ‘power units’ on reliability grounds, none had traded in any ‘tokens’ to make outright performance gains under the engine freeze rules.


Mercedes team chairman Niki Lauda departed Monaco recently announcing that the German outfit would have fresh engines installed in Canada.

“Mercedes are bringing an upgrade to the engine,” Mercedes customer Lotus’ chief Matthew Carter confirmed to Britain’s Sky, “so we have that to look forward to.”

But unlike Ferrari, who are reportedly now ready with a token-fuelled performance upgrade for Canada, Mercedes is believed to have not spent any tokens ahead of the Montreal race.

In Monaco, Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene had said: “In Canada we will not use the tokens, but do not ask me when (we will) because I don’t want the Germans (Mercedes) to know!”

Another manufacturer reportedly spending its first ‘tokens’ of 2015 before Canada is Honda.

That is despite Jenson Button warning this week that the long straights of Montreal would not be good for the works Honda-powered McLaren team.

“Canada is mostly low speed corners,” said the Briton, “but there are a couple of long straights which will be tricky for us. It is a circuit that won’t suit us well.”