Sainz: I feel ready and I’m very excited


Carlos Sainz was back at the wheel of the car for his second and final day of winter testing in Barcelona this week, before he jumps into the Toro Rosso in Melbourne for his first ever F1 Grand Prix in only two weeks’ time and the Spaniard is confident he is ready for the big weekend in Australia.

Speaking after his final day of preseason testing in the cockpit of the STR10, Sainz said, “Two weeks from [Sunday] I will take part in my first Grand Prix. I am looking forward to it and I feel ready, especially after this test. Clearly, I’m very excited that it’s all about to start.”


The rookie summed up his final day of winter testing at Circuit de Catalunya, ‘It was the sort of day we needed and it went really well. It means we can go to Melbourne with a boost to our confidence.”

“The afternoon was particularly productive, after we had a couple of minor difficulties in the morning. The race simulation went well and overall we did a high mileage, which is obviously the most important thing.”

“I’d like to thank the team for all their efforts during this pre-season period, as they helped me learn a lot every time I jumped in the car, ” added Sainz.