Lauda: Nico drove like a god, world champion class

Nico Rosberg during the Canadian GP

Nico Rosberg during the Canadian GP

Mercedes is not imposing team orders. Even though their winning streak came to an end in Canada it may have continued had the Silver Arrows drivers been told to hold station, instead Nico Rosberg “drove like a god” to salvage second place while Lewis Hamilton went home with his second DNF of the season to his name

At the wheel of the W05, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton were initially dominant at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, but they both struck technical trouble in the race.

Many are wondering if the problems would have happened if the pair were operating under team orders, as per Mika Hakkinen and David Coulthard at McLaren in 1998.

“It hurt at the time,” said Coulthard, recalling the Melbourne season opener where Hakkinen won due to a pre-race agreement amid questionable reliability, “but it guaranteed the team a one-two.”

Coulthard, now a commentator for British television BBC, wonders if events in Montreal might now move Mercedes to adopt a similar approach.

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in Montreal

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in Montreal

“It will be interesting to see whether that changes Mercedes’ approach if a similar situation, when reliability is marginal, arises later in the season,” he said.

The biggest beneficiaries of Mercedes’ Montreal issues were Red Bull, as Daniel Ricciardo recorded his first grand prix win.

“At the Red Bull-Ring there are long straights and uphills,” Helmut Marko told Sport Bild. “So we will only be able to beat Mercedes again if they have more problems.”

It is clear that, in Canada, feuding teammates Hamilton and Rosberg were fighting hard. They almost clashed at the first corner, and later Rosberg controversially ran across the chicane whilst defending a Hamilton attack.

It has been suggested that Hamilton eventually had to retire from the race because he pushed too hard after his technical problems began, whilst Rosberg steered through the trouble with more finesse.

 Lewis Hamilton's car after it was retired from the race

Lewis Hamilton’s car after it was retired from the race

“Lewis had the problem with the brakes at the same time as Nico,” said ex Formula 1 driver Christian Danner, “but he couldn’t adapt quickly enough. So he failed and Nico went to the finish.”

Mercedes Team Chairman Niki Lauda agrees: “Nico drove like a god, absolutely world champion class.”

Coulthard, however, isn’t so sure that Hamilton was to blame for his failure. “If the team are not criticising him for influencing the failures in Melbourne and Montreal,” he said, “then we have to assume he has done nothing wrong.”

Indeed, team boss Toto Wolff has publicly apologised to Hamilton for the latest problem. So, for now, Mercedes is pushing ahead with its policy of resisting team orders.

“You could say that we should impose team orders,” Wolff is quoted by La Presse, “but that is not our philosophy. Both drivers have been perfect. Slowing down could have improved the outcome, but this is not what we want, and definitely not what the public wants.” (GMM)