FIA set to approve Forza Rossa F1 entry

Forza Rossa

Formula 1 looks set to have a twelfth team on the Formula 1 grid in 2015, as the FIA look set to approve the entry for Romanian outfit Forza Rossa.

It has already emerged that NASCAR team co-owner Gene Haas’ US-based Formula 1 project will probably not get up and racing until 2016.

But when Haas’ entry was approved by the FIA in April, the governing body also said “further investigations were ongoing for another high standard application” filed by Forza Rossa.

Forza Rossa, meaning ‘red force’ in Italian and also the name of a major official importer and seller of Ferrari road cars in Romania, is reportedly backed by a Romanian businessman Ion Bazac, owner of a Ferrari dealership in Bucharest, and headed by former HRT boss and Romanian Colin Kolles.

Media reports, including by respected veteran F1 journalist Joe Saward, reckon that the FIA has decided to approve Forza Rossa’s team entry, however there has been no official confirmation. (GMM)