People struck after Rosberg ‘slams on brakes’


An eyewitness has pointed the finger of blame at Nico Rosberg in the wake of an accident last week during a promotional event that resulted in injured bystanders.

During a promotional event for Germany’s world cup football team, Rosberg and DTM driver Pascal Wehrlein were driving road cars in Tyrol, Italy, when two bystanders were struck and injured.

A statement issued by Mercedes said that Wehrlein struck “two people whom he unexpectedly encountered walking on the closed course”.

But an eyewitness has given a different account of the crash to TZ, “I saw exactly what happened. The two cars were about three or four feet apart at about 80km/h.”

“All of a sudden Nico Rosberg just slammed on the brakes. Pascal Wehrlein was surprised. He [Rosberg] obviously did not know which way the course went. Wehrlein swerved to the left, off the course, and then he hit them.” (GMM)