Hamilton warns that rivals are ready to pounce

Fresh from his fourth win in a row Lewis Hamilton is taking nothing for granted, and is wary that Mercedes’ rivals are ready to pounce as the Formula 1 circus sets up camp in Monte Carlo next weekend.

Speaking after day one of testing in Barcelona Hamilton said, “Although we have a good advantage right now, the moment we stand still our rivals will be ready to pounce so we have to stay on our toes at all times.”

“I’ve got a busy week leading up to Monaco but I’ll be doing some work back at the factory before that weekend. It’s a massively demanding circuit and with the oversteer moments created by the extra torque from the cars this year we’ll have to watch our proximity to the walls much more closely.”

“Every driver loves going to Monaco and I’m aiming to keep up the positive momentum from the last four races,” added Hamilton who goes to Monaco top of the points standings. (GP247)

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