Subway could become Formula 1 sponsor


American food outlet chain Subway could be the next sponsor to enter Formula 1, according to Formula 1 business journalist Christian Sylt.

Zak Brown, a Formula 1 sponsorship guru who manages the sandwich giant’s motor sport portfolio, told the Telegraph newspaper that Formula 1 and Subway are a “perfect fit”.

“I took the Subway Chief Marketing Officer to meet Bernie (Ecclestone) in Montreal last year, and I would say they have been exploring it for a year,” said Brown.

“They (Subway) are all about the consumer, they are massive media buyers so they would look at a sport and see if it stacks up from a media point of view, and Formula 1 does.” he added.

Brown suggested that, for its Formula 1 foray, Subway could emulate its NASCAR strategy in sponsoring “a team, an event and a driver”. (GMM)

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