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Red Bull: An excellent day

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo

After delivering a superb drive to fourth place in Sunday’s Bahrain Grand Prix, Daniel Ricciardo was back behind the wheel of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing RB10 today as the first in-season test of the year got underway, at the Bahrain International Circuit;

Daniel put in 91 laps of the Sakhir circuit on his way to a best time of 1:38.326 and  saidafterwards that he was pleased with the progress made today.

“We missed a little bit of time this morning but we made up for it in the afternoon. I think I was in the car for a good few hours,” he said. “We didn’t get in any performance runs today but we did some good long runs in the afternoon with three set-up changes and we got some good feedback from that. I think during last weekend we struggled a bit in P1 and P3, the daytime sessions in the heat, but the car felt a lot better today in those conditions, particularly on those long runs. We’re still a little behind but we’re chipping away and I’m sure over the course of this test and in China we’ll get a little bit closer. For the moment, though, we’ll take every little bit we can get. We’re learning and we’re making progress.”

Race Engineering Co-ordinator Andy Damerum added: “An excellent day today. We were a little delayed in getting out this morning but that was simply down to the amount of instrumentation involved. Once Daniel was out though, we worked through a very packed schedule of items and over his 91 laps we managed to tick off almost all of those things. There are many little standard test things which we couldn’t get done pre-season and which the nature of race weekends don’t allow for, so today has been very valuable in terms of working through those items. So, all in all, a busy first day and it will be more of the same tomorrow when once again Daniel will be at the wheel.”

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