Ecclestone says Haas looking good for 2015 Formula 1 entry

Gene Haas with Tony Stewart

Gene Haas with Tony Stewart

NASCAR team boss Gene Haas is set to take his place on the pitwall as Formula 1’s newest team owner, starting in 2015.

Having earlier played down Haas’ chances of securing the twelfth team entry, Bernie Ecclestone said this week: “I think Haas will be accepted.

“They have got the money but it’s a question of whether they are going to spend it,” the Independent newspaper quotes him as having told Formula 1 business journalist Christian Sylt.

It is believed that the FIA recently delayed a decision over Haas’ 2015 application pending Formula 1 Chief Executive Ecclestone’s ‘OK’.

Money seems to have been the 83-year-old Briton’s main concern.

“A billion would last a new team owner four years,” Ecclestone said. “I’ve spoken to Haas, but I don’t know what they are going to do. It’s America, so I don’t know.”

He also didn’t rule out the possibility that more teams could soon be following Haas into Formula 1.

“Every year we or the FIA have approaches from new teams,” he said. (GMM)

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