F1 legend Moss backs Massa over Williams team orders

Sir Stirling Moss

Sir Stirling Moss

Formula 1 legend Sir Stirling Moss says he would have reacted to team orders just as Felipe Massa did during the Malaysian Grand Prix.

While some sided with the Brazilian in the wake of his tenure as Ferrari ‘number 2’, others referred to the long history of ‘team orders’ in Formula 1.

But although cited as a player and proponent of Formula 1’s ‘team orders’ history, 84-year-old Briton Moss said he too would have refused to let Valtteri Bottas past at Sepang.

Told by Motorsport Magazine that he surely would have given up the position, Moss answered: “Not a chance, boy.

“If it’s not written into the contract that you must let your teammate through, you’re racing him as much as anyone else on the track – and if it were in the contract I wouldn’t sign it,” he added.

“I only made an exception for one person and that was for [Juan Manuel] Fangio and out of respect.”

Moss said that Williams were not justified in telling Massa to give up a position so early in a world championship campaign.

“There might be other grounds, later in the season if only one of you has a shot at the title – but this was race two!” he exclaimed.

“In his shoes I’d have done exactly the same as Massa.” (GMM)

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