Haas says F1 entry still on schedule after intense meeting with FIA

Gene Haas

Gene Haas

NASCAR team boss Gene Haas revealed that he and members of his management have had an intense meeting with the FIA regarding his entry into Formula 1 in 2015, and that despite the delay in the final decision, “things appear to be  on schedule”.

Speaking to the media after his driver Kevin Harvick won at Phoenix International Raceway, Haas said, “After Daytona we went over to Geneva, Switzerland. We met with the FIA. It was an actual, formal, sit-down meeting with six or seven various people involved in the [FIA] in there.”

“They have a very, I want to call it, formal way of processing applications in the sense that there is no application. But they wanted to meet with us. It was about an hour and a half meeting where they asked us a lot of questions about how we intend to do this, how do we intend to pay for it, what are the logistics of how we’re going to do this.”

“We answered those questions as best we could. I was there. Joe Custer was there. Gunther Steiner was there. They’re pretty intense. They had a lot of good questions.”

“I think what they do is they take that information, evaluate it, make their recommendations to I think it’s the Formula One’s owners association or next group of people, and the process goes on.”

“They said they were going to have a decision by Friday. They notified us on Friday that, no, they were just one part of that decision-making process, that the [actual] decision making process would come later. They didn’t give us an exact date, but hopefully it will be in another week or two, maybe even longer.”

“From what I’ve learned talking to other people, this is fairly normal. There’s lots of dates they have. They don’t really make a decision until they’re sure what they want the decision to be,” concluded Haas.

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