Red Bull denies secret test for troubled RB 10 in Spain

F1 Testing in Bahrain - Day One

Struggling World Champions  Red Bull have denied claims that they are secretly running the troubled Renault-powered RB10 between the two Bahrain tests.

Spaniard Pius Gasso, a respected and reliable Formula 1 source and former racing driver, said that he believes that an RB10 is running at the Idiada facility in Spain, south of Barcelona, ahead of the resumption of official testing later this week in Bahrain.

Gasso even tweeted a link to an audio file of the alleged ‘secret’ testing.

Another source told Speed Week correspondent Matthias Brunner that Red Bull’s Idiada running would be contrary to the tight testing limitations.

“They would only be able to drive at Idiada with a current car if they had declared it a ‘Promotional Event’ as stipulated by the regulations. And the rules say clearly that it would be purely for marketing and PR purposes,” said the source.

A Red Bull spokeswoman said simply: “We are not at Idiada!” (GMM)

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