Two new teams in running for Formula 1 entry in 2015

Colin Kolles

Colin Kolles

Formula 1 could have two new teams joining the grid from 2015.

Autosprint reports that, in Paris early this week, the FIA began the official evaluation process after inviting expressions of interest in filling the pitlane vacancy created by HRT’s demise.

But correspondent Roberto Chinchero reports that there are, in fact, two team vacancies on the grid at present.

“There is no official information,” he said, “but reports are beginning [to emerge] that the doors to Formula 1 could open for two teams.”

The candidature of NASCAR team co-owner Gene Haas is well known, but Autosprint said that the other successful applicant could be the former Force India and HRT team chief Colin Kolles.

Omnicorse reports that a third applicant, Serbian Zoran Stefanovic who tried and failed to enter a team a few years ago, has “little hope” for 2015.

The FIA’s decision will be announced at the end of the month. (GMM)

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