Alonso: We have to be honest and say these new F1 cars are ugly

Fernando Alonso speaks to Ferrari engineers in Jerez
Fernando Alonso speaks to Ferrari engineers in Jerez

The new generation Formula 1 cars are downright ugly, says Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso, and he is adamant that it would be dishonest not to admit the fact.

Speaking to CNN,  Alonso said, “They are ugly, yeah. We have to be honest with that, you know, with our fans and ourselves first of all.”

“Probably we will get used to these new aesthetics, let’s say, but the first moment they are not good enough because people look at Formula 1 like excellence of motor sport, of aerodynamics, excellence of performance and technology – and when you see those front parts of the car, it doesn’t look like all the things we’ve been saying [about excellence].”

Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari F14T
Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari F14T

“So I think we will find different solutions. I’m sure the engineers are clever enough to make the car fast and also beautiful.”

One of the most intriguing sideshows of the 2014 season will be whether or not Alonso and new teammate Kimi Raikkonen will gel within the most famous team in the sport.

The Finn – popularly known as the Iceman – has returned to the Scuderia with whom he won the 2007 Formula 1 World Championship – the Maranello outfit’s last title triumph.

Alonso said of Raikkonen, “I think he’s very talented so that is a huge help and a huge motivation for myself first, and also for the team, because the team knows it has to deliver a good car because Kimi will deliver a good result.”

Fernando Alonso, seen here with Flavio Briatore, won his last F1 world title in 2006 as a Renault driver
Fernando Alonso, seen here with Flavio Briatore, on the occasion of his second F1 World title, in 2006, as a Renault driver

“I know I need to deliver my best, if not I cannot be in front of Kimi, so that is only good and positive news for Ferrari,” said the two time World Champion.

Asked if two F1 World Championship titles were enough to satisfy his ambitions, Alonso said, “If you ask me this question in 10 years’ time I will tell you less, because two Championships are more than I could dream.”

“If you ask me right now and I am in a middle of a competition, I am hungry for victories; hungry for success – I will tell you that two Championships are not enough,” he added. (GP247)

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