New Red Bull RB10 passed FIA crash tests only ten days ago

The new Red Bull RB10
The new Red Bull RB10

Red Bull’s title-defending 2014 Formula 1 car underwent the FIA crash tests only ten days ago, it emerged at Jerez on Tuesday.

Although many teams were faltering on day one of crucial pre-season testing in Formula 1’s fraught new V6 era, the absence of the reigning World Champions was particularly conspicuous.

Designer Adrian Newey revealed that the RB10 was still undergoing crash tests 10 days ago, while mechanics were still putting the complex new car together in the moonlit early hours of Tuesday morning.

Then asked what held up Red Bull’s running on day one, Newey talked only of a “silly” installation problem.

World Champion Sebastian Vettel gave away slightly more information, revealing that one of the thousands of components of the car had been mounted incorrectly.

“That we managed to put it together in time is a huge achievement,” argued team boss Christian Horner.

Vettel, however, worries that the audience will not appreciate the sheer complexity of the task faced by teams this season, particularly if cars are still failing left, right and centre come Melbourne in March.

“If even the engineers are having difficulty, the audience will obviously understand even less,” said the German. (GMM)

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