Schumacher still critical and could remain comatose forever

Flags in tribute of Michael Schumacher outside the Grenoble University Hospital Centre
Flags in tribute to Michael Schumacher outside the Grenoble University Hospital Centre

Michael Schumacher could remain in a coma “forever” according to reports in Germany, as the seven time F1 World Champion lies in intensive care after his skiing accident on 29 December.

After seeking opinions from expert doctors, Focus magazine reports, “Schumacher could be in a coma forever.”

Schumacher, 44, remains critically ill and there are no plans to awake him from his induced coma, which has led to specualtion that he could remain incapacitated for the rest of his life.


Professor Andreas Zieger of the University Clinic for neurosurgery in Oldenburg said, “We should not speculate here. Ultimately, we are talking about life and death. A coma can in theory be maintained for a lifetime. It won’t hurt the human brain.”

“Brain injuries are among the most complicated injuries that can happen to the human body. Predictions about how long a person might be in a coma or potential complications are seldom reliable,” added Professor Zieger.

German media report that risk of brain haemorrhage remains high and which is why Schumacher is still classified as critically ill.

The Formula 1 legend’s shocking accident has prompted professional racing teams to ban their drivers from partaking in skiing, motocross and motorbike riding.

Red Bull have reportedly prohibited Daniel Ricciardo from surfing at his home town in Perth. (GP247)

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