Mansoor Ijaz: Website stating I own Lotus does not belong to me

In the wake of the Grand Prix 247 report today originally entitled: ‘Lopez says all is well but Quantum deal is dead while Ijaz claims to be a Lotus owner’ we have received an email from Mansoor Ijaz’s Gmail account clarifying the situation from his perspective, the contents of which we publish in full and unedited form below.

“Your website contains an article ( that has false and misleading information on two counts.  The website your report as stating I am an owner of Lotus does not belong to me and has never been edited by myself or anyone associated with me.”


“To this end, I forward herein my complaint to the domain registration company (to be followed by the responses and our replies in other emails subsequent to this one), where we make clear that this is the case.  Please therefore remove any reference to this website as it is owned and operated by some person who clearly has an agenda to malign and misrepresent matters in my name.  This misrepresentation issue is a matter being handled by my lawyers in London — you can independently confirm this with the attorney copied on this email to you.”

“A similar incident occurred last year when some party created a false Twitter account in the name of Quantum purporting to contain information from us.  We had that web presence removed.  We will have a court in the United States require that this one be removed as well in the near future.”

“The second inaccuracy is that the Quantum deal is dead.  This will be clarified by co-chairman of Lotus, Andy Ruhan, later this morning.  I trust you will report that matter accurately when it is clarified and then redact and edit your story accordingly.”

Ijaz also CC-ed Grand Prix 247 on an email to Go Daddy hosting provider informing them that the site is fake and damaging to his reputation, requesting it be removed.

The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) has the point of contact for as: WebsiteWelcome, 5005 Mitchelldale, Suite #100, Houston, Texas, USA. (Grand Prix 247)

Subbed by AJN.