Pirelli clamps down amid illegal tyre heating claims

Tyre warmers
Tyre warmers

Pirelli has clamped down on enforcing the operating guidelines of its Formula 1 tyres, amid reports that some teams were pushing the edge.

After the tyre-exploding British Grand Prix this year, the FIA backed Pirelli’s move to force teams to stay within certain operating guidelines.

The guidelines set strict limits on things like tyre camber and pressures, but also pre-session tyre heating, according to Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport.

The report said teams were not allowed to ‘boost’ temperatures in their respective heating systems beyond 110 degrees for one hour.

But a Force India team member is quoted as saying: “The heating systems are easily manipulated. If you boost more than allowed, you have an advantage.”

Auto Motor und Sport said Pirelli has reacted by checking pre-running tyre temperatures not only via the heating systems, but also with their own probes.