Is Red Bull using illegal traction control?

Traction control?

A photo has emerged which some believe is clear evidence that world champions Red Bull are using illegal ‘traction control’ aboard its championship race winning RB9 car.

“Bumps or traction control?” a report by Italy’s Autosprint said.

The photo shows Mark Webber’s car  exiting a corner in Canada and leaving rubber marks on the track due to wheel spin.

But, apparently moments into the wheel spin, the rubber marks become dotted, as if to depict the kicking-in of a form of traction control, which is not allowed in Formula 1.

The photo was sent in by a reader, who admitted that the dotted wheel spin marks may also have been caused by a phenomenon of resonance in the rear suspension.

“Anyway, the image is worth reporting,” the Autosprint story read. (GMM)

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