Webber: Formula One lap times at GP2 pace is quite extreme

Mark Webber speaks to media in Montreal

Mark Webber speaks to the media in Montreal

Speaking ahead of the Canadian GP weekend Mark Webber has given insight into what it takes to race under the prevailing conditions in Formula One, and admits that it is difficult to pin point where the satisfaction element comes in from a drivers perspective.

The Red Bull driver told media in Montreal, “It’s very strategic with messages from the pitwall saying ‘This is where the tyres are, this is what we are probably capable of doing so can you get us there, please. That is your job, can you please get us to that lap’, instead of more pushing the boundaries and having a crack at it.”

The straight talking Australian added, “So it is a very different type of racing, no question about it. You still have some nice moments in the car but it’s hard to put your finger on the satisfaction side of it now.”

Mark Webber at Monaco

Mark Webber at Monaco

Webber will be starting his 203rd grand prix on Sunday in Canada and since 2002, when he made his debut, has seen many changes in F1.

“As a group, the guys who are north of 100 GPs have seen a different make-up of how the grands prix are run these days. It is in our skill-set to have to deal with these challenges, as we always have whether it be with V8s, V10s, refuelling, one-lap qualifying. I’ve seen most of the scenarios we’ve had to play with and it’s important for the driver to deal with that,” mused Webber.

“But we saw in Monaco, I started to look after my first set of tyres when we got to Turn 3 and Nico [Rosberg] was doing the same. It is different. Monaco was quite an extreme case with certain lap times around GP2 pace, that’s getting quite extreme you would say,” added Webber.

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