Raikkonen: I don't feel any different now, Perez f#cked up our race

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen speaks to media in Canada

Ten days has done nothing to quell the anger which Kimi Raikkonen felt after the collision with Sergio Perez at the Monaco GP, which cost the Lotus driver a bundle of points.

Although the Finn went on to claim a single point, in truth ten points were almost in the bag before Perez tried a move into the Nouvelle Chicane which went awry beacuse Raikkonen closed the door on the McLaren driver.

In Canada when asked about the incident, Raikkonen responded, “I don’t feel any different now because it does not change the fact that he f#cked up our race. Even if you asked one year from now it’s still the same ending. We got one point back but it doesn’t take away that it wasn’t right.”

Raikkonen was fuming in the aftermath of the Monte Carlo race and went as far as saying that “maybe someone should punch him in the face” and labelled the Mexican ‘stupid’.

Kimi Raikkonen chased by Sergio Perez during the Monaco GP

Kimi Raikkonen chased by Sergio Perez during the Monaco GP

“I spoke with the stewards and they thought it was a racing incident. They said I did nothing wrong but obviously there has to be somebody who did something wrong. I don’t think it’s going to change anything but Charlie spoke to Perez. I don’t know what they talked about,” said the man popularly known as Iceman.

Raikkonen admitted that he is wary of certain drivers when racing out on track, “Sometimes you have to be [wary] with some guys because you cannot trust them. With the top five guys you trust them, and you know if they are there, they are not going to turn into your line and they are going to race fair.”

He added, “We can be hard but we can be fair, it’s okay to be aggressive but you have to have some idea behind an overtaking manoeuvre and not just hope that your rival is going to move over. Certain guys will race hard and fair and some guys you don’t know what to expect.”

Kimi Raikkonen arrives on Ile Notre Dame with trainer Mark Arnall

Kimi Raikkonen arrives on Ile Notre Dame with trainer Mark Arnall

Perez appeared unperturbed by the furore as he arrived in Montreal, and unconcerned about what Raikkonen might have to say or will do, “I’m not worried at all. Firstly because they are very mature drivers, and secondly because they are driving [for] the championship.”

Reflecting on Monaco the Mexican, in his first year as a McLaren driver, said “I think Kimi regrets more the loss of points from the last race, so I think we are all very mature and there’s nothing to take in to the next couple of races.”

“We have to fight, and if I’m in the same position I will fight them again and I will try to be as fair as possible,” declared Perez, who lies 12th in the championship standings.

Raikkonen, who won the season opening Australian GP, is second in the championship and trails leader Sebastian Vettel by 21 points.

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