Hamilton: I can't say anything bad about McLaren

Lewis Hamilton not burning bridges
Lewis Hamilton not burning bridges

Lewis Hamilton has no intention to join the list of former drivers who have been critical of the McLaren team, which he left for Mercedes at the end of last year.

Some drivers, like Fernando Alonso and Juan Pablo Montoya, have left the Woking based team with little complimentary to say.

The latest ex-McLaren driver is Lewis Hamilton, but he told Spain’s Marca newspaper: “I don’t know what other people say, but I can’t say anything bad about McLaren. First of all, they brought me to Formula One. Without them I would not be here.”

“I have a very good relationship with Martin [Whitmarsh], and also Ron [Dennis],” said the 2008 world champion, despite speculation that he fell out badly with the latter during his sixth and final season with McLaren in 2012.

Lewis Hamilton with Ron Dennis and Martin Whitmarsh
Lewis Hamilton with Ron Dennis and Martin Whitmarsh

“In my time with them we always won at least one grand prix every year; it’s a great team, one of the greatest in history. But now what I want is to be a part of a new team [Mercedes] that also wants to make history.”

“At McLaren you were a part of their history, but just a little piece – at Mercedes I can play a major role in their history. That’s why I chose this option.”

Meanwhile, Hamilton revealed that once his F1 career finally ends, he will most likely retire rather than switch to another category, like Le Mans.

“I think when I stop F1, I will stop racing as well. I’ll dedicate myself to other things; my family, my dog,” the 28-year-old laughed.

“I think I’ll stop. There is nothing like racing in F1 and I’ll be too old for MotoGP,” he laughed again.

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