Vettel: Drivers are not enjoying the races as much as they would like

Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing with Guillaume Rocquelin

Sebastian Vettel with Guillaume Rocquelin

World champion Sebastian Vettel has admitted he defied Red Bull team instructions in Monaco due to boredom, and revealed that drivers are not enjoying ‘racing’ in tyre conservation mode.

In the dying stages of the race, Vettel picked up his pace behind winner Nico Rosberg, earning a rebuke from his pit wall for smashing the fastest race lap.

“Just satisfaction instead of going slow for 77 laps,” replied the German.

“No satisfaction for us though,” added Vettel’s race engineer Guillaume Rocquelin.

On seeing just how much faster the Red Bull driver was capable of going in Monaco, having conserved Pirelli’s fragile tyres all race, BBC commentator David Coulthard called the current situation in Formula 1 “rubbish”.

Sebastian Vettel during the Monaco GP

Sebastian Vettel during the Monaco GP

Vettel added: “I’m not trying to do something silly, and I apologise for quarrelling with my engineer on the radio.”

“But it’s a reflection of how the racing is today, when you can be three seconds a lap faster,” he is quoted by Brazil’s Totalrace.

“I know that the drivers are not enjoying the races as much as they would like,” he added. “The show is good up to a point, but if it’s a matter of following one another and waiting for the chequered flag, I’m not sure if that is what people want to see.”

Vettel said he hopes the changes being made by Pirelli for the next race in Canada and beyond will help the situation.