F1 bosses considering penalty points for wayward drivers

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Formula 1 chiefs will meet during the Spanish Grand Prix weekend in Barcelona to discuss a potential demerit points system that could lead to drivers facing race bans for repeat misbehaviour.

Reports, including by the news agency AFP and the British newspaper the Times, said the FIA’s Charlie Whiting will meet with team bosses to talk about the new regime.

The reports said the new system could replace the mainly grid penalties and fines that are currently levied against drivers for on-track misbehaviour.

The new system would see drivers tote up demerit points against their mandatory super license, with multiple indiscretions to add up to race bans.

“It’s a complex question,” Whiting is quoted as saying, “and we need to get the balance right because banning a driver is a serious issue. We need to make sure a driver genuinely deserves any ban.

“We will be monitoring offences and running a (hypothetical) system in the background to see how it would all work if put into practice.”