Cockpit warning lights not working again during Bahrain GP

Nico Rosberg Mercedes steering wheel
Mercedes steering wheel

Formula One drivers started Sunday’s Bahrain Grand Prix without cockpit warning lights for the fourth race in a row after continuing problems with the system.

The governing FIA said in a statement that it had disabled the telemetry link between race control and cars which acts as an electronic marshalling system in addition to flag-waving officials.

The FIA system is provided by Riedel Communications.

The statement said there would be no red, yellow or blue cockpit lights and there were also implications for when the safety car had to be deployed.

“As before, we will do our best to give as much information from race control as we can. However it will be even more important that teams do what they can to ensure their drivers respect blue flags,” said the FIA.

At the previous race in China, a number of drivers were called to the stewards for yellow flag violations but no action was taken against them.