Webber low on fuel during Vettel attack in Malaysia

Sebastian Vettel versus Mark Webber at Sepang

Sebastian Vettel versus Mark Webber at Sepang

Almost two weeks after the fact, the Multi-21 Red Bull team orders affair keeps stumbling onwards as new information emerges.

Auto Motor und Sport now reports a new fact: just as Sebastian Vettel ignored the team order to hold station, Mark Webber had turned down his engine because he was saving fuel.

“The truth in Formula 1 usually only comes to light piecemeal,” said correspondent Michael Schmidt.

It was already known that the chasing Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg were having fuel-saving issues.

But Red Bull claimed it issued the team order because it was worried about the drivers burning up their fragile Pirelli tyres and being swallowed up by their silver rivals.

“Obviously there was more to it than what Red Bull wanted to say,” Schmidt added.

“Apparently in the first 42 laps Webber had consumed clearly more fuel than Vettel and was already in the red.

“Vettel was also able to drive in (Webber’s) slipstream for 12 laps and use DRS.

“So Red Bull not only feared an accident, but also that Webber could run out of gas. So he was asked to turn down his performance just to get to the line.”