Contradictory reports emerge over splitter issue

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FIA apparently not investigating ‘illegal’ splitters

Contradictory reports are doing the rounds about a supposed FIA clampdown on illegal splitters aboard the new generation Red Bull, Lotus and Mercedes cars.

Italian media reports claim Formula 1’s governing body warned the teams to make changes before China, after scrutineers flagged the too-flexible front floor solutions in Malaysia recently.

But Jennie Gow, the pitlane reporter for British radio BBC, said on Tuesday that she has “spoken to Lotus and Merc who say FIA splitter story is just that — a story!”


“Both teams passed tests and no changes to make,” she added on Twitter.

German correspondent for Auto Motor und Sport, Tobias Gruner, agreed: “Neither Lotus and Mercedes nor Red Bull was asked to change the splitter. So everybody calm down!”

Off the record some teams believe that behind the scenes Ferrari have cleverly planted the suspicions with Italian correspondents, in an effort to get the FIA to actually investigate the splitter issue.