Massa does his bit for young drivers

Felipe Massa
Felipe Massa with young drivers

Felipe Massa’s Australian Grand Prix weekend began with a nod to road safety, a field in which he has been active for a long time now and in this case, it centred on a campaign organised by CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motorsport) aimed at drivers not yet old enough to drive.

The programme, which goes by the name of Cams Ignition, was launched this morning at Melbourne’s Albert Park circuit and involves a safe driving course, which highlights the importance of concentration and the awareness of the dangers that can arise when driving.

Along with CAMS President, Andrew Papadopoulos, Felipe underlined the importance of this initiative. “It is vital that drivers know how to behave when at the wheel,” he said.

“I was a kid once and I am well aware that at that age, one can sometimes not attach too much importance to the dangers that lurk on the roads. When you get in a car, it is important to respect the rules and keep a close eye on what others are doing, because often it can just take a moment to put your life and that of others at risk.”