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Forghieri laments rules that makes F1 cars look the same

Mauro Forghieri (ITA) Ferrari Designer talks with Jody Scheckter
Mauro Forghieri with Jody Scheckter in 1979

Legendary former Ferrari designer Mauro Forghieri has lamented the current era Formula 1 rules that makes for identical looking cars.

Now 78, Italian Forghieri was a leading figure at the fabled Maranello team from the 60s to the 80s.

“Now, I see them all as though they are karts,” Speed Week quotes him as saying.

“I bet if they were all painted white, you could not distinguish them. There are no freedoms; everything is overly regulated.”

Forghieri said the result of the tight technical rules is that teams are forced to look more at one another’s cars than delve deeply into the designers’ creativity.

“It’s really absurd,” he said.

“When you see a new part, then the following week you see it on a lot of other cars.” (GMM)