Sauber doing theis bit for the environment

Sauber F1 TeamActive protection of the environment has long been an important item on the Sauber F1 Team’s agenda. In 2011, with the aim of coordinating all activities in this area and providing an effective management tool, the team developed an ISO 14001-based environmental management system, which was subsequently certified.

The ISO 14001 standard stipulates that the executive committee assesses the environmental management system at regular intervals. The team does this by drawing up an annual report recording its environmental performance. Also available to the public, this report contains statements on the team’s environmental targets, measures and projects carried out in the past year, a summary of the most important environmental controlling results, and a list of key targets for the current year.

“The past year was a very gratifying one for us from an environmental point of view as well, not least because environmental awareness became more firmly anchored within our company,” notes Monisha Kaltenborn, CEO of the Sauber F1 Team. “Our employees are sensitised, alert and creative – as witnessed in the suggestion scheme and the environmental workshop we conducted. This gave rise to more than 40 proposals for improvement, most of which have been ticked off already.”

Last year also saw the implementation of several major environmental projects, such as the activation of the solar park and the offsetting of greenhouse gases generated by the team, which was partly achieved with support from partners. The environmental controlling figures also paint a pleasingly clear picture: there has been a significant cut in greenhouse gas emissions along with energy and water consumption. This means the company has achieved its targets and can rest assured that the measures it has introduced are delivering the desired results.