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Todt and FIA also involved in F1 Concorde talks

Jean Todt
Jean Todt

Mar.26 (GMM) There are more laps to run in the 2013 Concorde Agreement story, according to a respected analyst.

French commentator Jean-Louis Moncet said that amid reports that Bernie Ecclestone has done commercial deals with most teams, one important element has been left out of the tale.

“The FIA and Jean Todt have replied that it (the agreement) is still under discussion and that the FIA is taking part,” he wrote in his Auto Plus column.

“And as these things are very complex, it is best not to speculate.”

There has, however, been plenty of speculation, including around whether CVC wants to float some of its shares on the stock market.

But some team bosses sounded reluctant in Sepang at the weekend, including McLaren’s Martin Whitmarsh who said floatations “aren’t done for the benefit of a sport”.

“I think until we know more about it, it’s silly to be against it,” Caterham owner and boss Tony Fernandes responded to AFP news agency.

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