Eric Lux says he has forgiven Sutil for nightclub brawl

(L to R): Eric Lux (FRA) Genii Capital CEO and Gerard Lopez (FRA) Genii Capital. Formula One World Championship, Rd 4, Turkish Grand Prix, Qualifying Day, Istanbul Park, Turkey, Saturday 7 May 2011.
Genii Capital's Eric Lux with fellow Lotus partner Gerard Lopez

Mar.24 (GMM) Eric Lux has revealed he has forgiven former Force India driver Adrian Sutil for injuring him in a Shanghai nightclub a year ago.

Former Force India driver Sutil received a German criminal conviction and suspended sentence for the incident involving a broken champagne glass, and has been left without a seat on the 2012 grid.

“I forgive Sutil,” Lux, a Lotus team executive, told Bild newspaper in Malaysia.


“I would even be happy for him if he came back to race and had a job to do. For me, everything is past; I don’t have emotions about it anymore,” the Luxembourger added.

Lux still bears a sizeable scar on his neck.

“Whether the penalty was too much or not enough is not up to me,” he continued.

“But if it had been one centimetre different, he would be spending the next 20 years in prison in China,” added Lux.

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