Hamilton makes Monaco his home town

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton with Monaco as a backdrop

Mar.10 (Reuters) Lewis Hamilton has made his move before the start of the F1 season and can now call Monaco a home race as well as his favourite grand prix.

McLaren’s 2008 world champion has left Switzerland, his home for the past few years, for a new base on the Mediterranean coast where he will join several F1 drivers already residing in the principality.

“I just fancied a change,” the 27-year-old told British reporters, adding that he had moved in “a week or so ago”.

“It was a bit boring where I was living before, not many people around, so it was good to move,” added the Briton, who had lived most recently in Zurich after a spell in Geneva.

“Where I’ve moved to there are quite a lot of people that I know there, quite a lot of the drivers are there. So there’s a bit more of a social life, there’s better weather, it’s by the sea, overall just a bit better.

“It’s kind of cool that you get to be at home whilst a grand prix is going on. I think it will be pretty neat,” said the 2008 Monaco Grand Prix winner and 2007 runner-up.

“I can meet up with quite a few of the drivers if I want to do training, and my trainer is also just up the road. I’ve settled down quite well there.

“I still have loads of boxes to unpack, but I’m sure I can get someone to do that for me.”

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