McLaren: Now our focus turns to Melbourne…

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Mar.4 (McLaren) Bright and sunny in the morning, eventually clouding over before an end-of-day shower just before the chequered flag.

Final day of 2012 pre-season testing and Lewis Hamilton resumed testing duties of the team’s proposed race-one aerodynamic upgrade.

The aim of today’s programme was to continue the analysis started yesterday by Jenson – and the team successfully spent the morning running through a suite of set-up and balance changes and a number of tyre comparison runs.

Into the afternoon, the aim was to put further miles on the new aero package over a simulated race distance. The programme was slightly knocked-back by a small hydraulic leak at the end of the day, but the leak fortuitously coincided with a late-afternoon rain shower, meaning the team lost little significant running.

At the end of the day, Lewis and the engineers declared themselves happy with progress, particularly over the course of a long-run.

Now, our focus turns to Melbourne…

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