YallaF1 Magazine 15 February 2012 Edition

Feb.15 (Grand Prix 247) So, the first 2012 F1 test has come and gone and plenty head scratching going is the net result of four days of intensive testing at Jerez.

What to make of the goings on in Spain? For sure the big teams are not quite up to standard straight out of the box, but are they in trouble? Time will tell, and  qualifying in Melbourne – when the season really gets underway on the third weekend in March, will reveal the truth.

In a stark contrast – to the subdued start by Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren – Lotus are looking decidedly feisty early on, as they did last year this time…
Fittingly, on his return to F1, Kimi Raikkonen topped the timing screens at the end of day one at Jerez and was his poker faced, monotone self when talking about his exploits at the end of the day – some things just don’t change!

Also looking sharp, albeit with their 2011 car, were Mercedes GP who are supposedly going to unleash a super car at the next test in Barcelona…

Meanwhile in this issue it’s all about Jerez. Enjoy!

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