Caterham CT01: The pictures they didn't want you to see….

Caterham CT01

Jan.26 (Grand Prix 247) The title for this should be: ‘The pictures of the new Caterham CT01 they didn’t want you to see for some odd reason… unless you bought some obscure F1 magazine available only in the UK.’

Well they forced us to go find the pictures for our readers and we did.

Note to Caterham:
Not cool to do this exclusive thing with one magazine for your launch – after all it is the hundreds of F1 and motorsport magazines and websites that give you the PR mileage that you go on to sell to advertisers so they buy space on your car. Without all the others your exposure – in this single obscure magazine – would not get you the cash you get from the likes of CNN etc. Bad call from you blokes unless of course they lined your pockets with cash. Whatever the case, the precedent you set sucks!

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