Italian press give glimpse of 2012 Ferrari

Illustration courtesy Autosprint

Jan.24 (GMM) Details of Ferrari’s unlaunched 2012 car have emerged in the pages of Italian specialist publications.

On Tuesday, Autosprint publishes drawings by technical illustrator Giorgio Piola of Maranello’s latest creation, with some parts – including the sidepods – reportedly “inspired by (the) McLaren” of last year.

The weekly said the car, to likely be named F12 or F2012, also has “many other features that should make it really extreme”, as ordered by Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali last year.

“Some people called it (the car) bad after seeing the shapes, probably because of the hump on the nose,” read a report at Autosprint’s website.

“But the final version should be smooth.”

The magazine also says Ferrari has innovated to exploit the safety regulations for crash structures, producing a wing-like aerodynamic effect with the sidepods.

Another all-new feature for Ferrari – breaking a philosophy of more than a decade – is the Red Bull-style pull-rod suspension, and an engine cover rear ‘hole’ also similar to Adrian Newey’s title-winning 2011 design.

The car’s exhausts reportedly exit even higher than the new regulations dictate, possibly so the gases flow onto the main element of the rear wing.

This feature may not be seen – possibly for reasons of secrecy – on the initial launch version displayed by Ferrari on 3 February.

La Gazzetta dello Sport, meanwhile, said the 2012 Ferrari has “long, low and narrow” radiators and sidepods, with a lower seating position for the drivers.