DRS stays for 2012 with modifications

Jan.18 (GMM) Formula 1’s controversial DRS (Drag Reduction System) , introduced last year, is staying put for 2012, according to an Italian report.

While many hailed the moveable rear wing flaps’ contribution to overtaking last season, others criticised the drag reduction system for compromising the purity of wheel-to-wheel racing.

According to Autosprint, DRS is staying this year.

But the FIA will reportedly modify the number and length of the overtaking zones at some circuits.

“The reason is to facilitate overtaking by extending the zones at those circuits where it proved too difficult, and shortening them where the passing was too exaggerated,” the Italian language report read.

One DRS supporter is the Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg.

“The important thing is that we are overtaking — who really cares why?

“However it is good to optimise everything, especially where it has been possible to gain 50 metres (on a rival) by the end of a straight.

“It’s better that it (passing) is a bit more difficult than too easy,” the German said.