Buemi: I just want to get better and better

Sebastien Buem
Sebastien Buem hopes to benefit being Red Bull reserve in 2012

Jan.18 (Red Bull) Sébastien Buemi will be Red Bull Racing (and Toro Rosso) reserve driver in 2012, and was at the team factory in Milton Keynes where he was asked about his festive break, favourite Christmas present, New Year resolutions, and his new role as reserve driver for Red Bull Racing.

Sebastien Buemi (SUI) Scuderia Toro Rosso STR6 makes a pit stop. Formula One Testing, Day 1, Barcelona, Spain, Tuesday 8 March 2011.
Sebastien Buemi did 55 races with Toro Rosso

Where were you for the holiday and what did you get up to?
Sebastien Buemi: I was in Switzerland with my family, it’s always a part of year that I really like because I can relax at home and spend a bit of time with the whole family and friends. I did a few things, I did a little bit of skiing, you know because I live close to the mountains but basically I just relaxed.

What was your best Christmas present?
Buemi: I received a jacket from my mother, a leather jacket that I was looking for for many months and I was really happy to get it!

Where were you for New Year?
Buemi: I was again in Switzerland with my friends, I didn’t see them so often last year so it was definitely a nice moment to just spend it at home with them.

Do you have any New Year resolutions?
Buemi: New Year Resolutions… I think everybody’s got some! You know, I want to be really successful so most of the New Year resolutions I have are to get better and better; to even train more and get more involved with the team. I just want to get better and better – this is maybe the resolution.

What does your role as reserve driver for us entail and how do you get involved with things like testing?
Buemi: I think it’s really important when you are a reserve driver to be part of the team really so it means I do a lot of work in the simulator and I go to the tests and races, just to understand everything very well. I’ve got to be ready in case so I’ll be at the test sessions just to have a look and be ready.