Massa: Something needed changing on my side

Felipe Massa faces the media at the Wrooom event
Felipe Massa faces the media at the Wrooom event

Jan.13 (Ferrari) Felipe Massa was in determined mood and ready for action when he met journalists at the second Scuderia Ferrari press conference at Wrooom. The Brazilian driver’s confidence shone through on his ability to fight back after last year’s difficult season. He was also sure that the team would be able to give him a competitive car.

“After the last Grand Prix of 2011 in Brazil, I told myself that we had to be more competitive at every level and that’s exactly what we are doing,” said Felipe. “Something also needed to change on my side and now I feel mentally strong and extremely motivated. I am well aware that this is an important year for me, but the same goes for the whole team: I ask only to not have those difficulties in the races which often cropped up last year, preventing me from getting the results I should have done.”

Felipe does not fear pressure, partly down to the fact he now has a decade of experience in Formula 1. “That’s a lot of years and I can claim to be a veteran,” commented the Brazilian. “That will come in very useful in 2012.”

Regarding pressure from the media? “It’s to be expected when the results aren’t there, just as it weighs heavily that I have not won a race for a long time. With a well sorted car this will not happen. The design of the new car is very different to those of the past and also the fact that we should have softer compound tyres should work in favour of my driving style. All the same, we will need to have a car that works perfectly in all conditions and on all types of tyre: that’s the target the engineers have worked on all these long months spent designing the car”