Alonso: I have always stood up for the team

Jan.13 (Ferrari) The word team is one of the most frequently heard in Ferrari man Fernando Alonso’s vocabulary and during his meeting with the media at Wrooom it was no exception.

“I have always stood up for the team, because when one is going through a difficult moment, as was the case last year, there is no point in blaming one another,” said the Spaniard. “We have made a few important changes but we know that making up ground will be neither easy nor the work of a moment. With the team and with Stefano Domenicali, I have always had a very open relationship right from the very first day. When it came to beginning to discuss an extension to the contract I was pleased with the way things were going between us and it seemed natural to renew it for many years.”

2011 was also not an easy year for another participant at Wrooom, namely Valentino Rossi, Alonso reflected: “It’s true that for both him and me the last season was not so great, even if we tried everything to redress the situation. We have to work, to improve and to have a better vehicle and both Ferrari and Ducati are working hard to achieve this: I really hope that 2012 can go better for both of us.”

Wrooom means snow, an environment that is now becoming familiar for Fernando. “Thanks to the ski instructors at Madonna di Campiglio I have improved my technique a lot on the downhills and I enjoyed myself much more than a few years ago. Skiing is a sport that allows you to go quickly, especially when there are not so many people on the pistes and you can cut some corners. Like all disciplineswhich involve speed, it also gives you a good rush of adrenalin. This event is a nice way to start the season, with a mix of work, sport and relaxation and maybe a few hands of poker with friends in the evening.”