Domenicali: Fernando best, Vettel very close

Fernando Alonso on the slopes of Madonna di Campiglio

Fernando Alonso on the slopes of Madonna di Campiglio

Jan.12 (Ferrari) Another day of relaxation on the slopes, tackled with skis and on foot, or at the wheel of an FF in the case of Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso. However, the two Scuderia Ferrari drivers were on everyone’s lips during Stefano Domenicali’s press conference.

(L to R): Felipe Massa (BRA) Ferrari with Stefano Domenicali (ITA) Ferrari General Director and Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari.

Stefano Domenicali with Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso

“Fernando has had two extraordinary years with us, coming within a whisker of the title in 2010 and improving also last year when despite having a less competitive car, he managed to maintain a very high standard in terms of performance,” said Stefano. “I was very impressed by the way he lived his life with the team: he is a person who can really motivate others and he can often be found in the factory, working with the engineers.

“I can honestly say that, in over 20 years at Maranello, I have never seen anyone spend so much time here with the team as he has done. Particularly, I believe Fernando has shown a great confidence in us at a time that was far from easy when, in the first part of last year, he decided to tie himself to us for many years. This meant a lot for all of us and it was a very strong show of faith, which was a great motivation to each and every one of us. Who is better, Fernando or Vettel? Sebastian had an amazing season, both in qualifying and the race, being able to count on having a car that was equally extraordinary. However, I believe Fernando is the best, although the German comes very close.”

“In Felipe, I saw someone reacting at his best, especially when he found himself under pressure,” continued Domenicali. “I am well aware that this is a decisive season for him and we need to have him on his best form, for the good of the Scuderia, but I don’t think this situation could be a problem for his relationship with the team. I don’t think he suffers because he has alongside him a driver of the talent and personality of Fernando: rather, this must be an opportunity for him to improve still further: at the age of 31, which he will reach in a few months, everything is still possible for him. Now we must think about one thing only, having a good start to the season and then later on in the year, we can begin to think about the future.”