Parabolica changes requested by drivers and FIA

New Parabolica

New Parabolica

FIA safety delegate Charlie Whiting has defended the changes made to the legendary Curva Parabolica at Monza.

Speaking to media ahead of the Italian Grand Prix weekend, Whting explained, “About 35 per cent of the gravel has been replaced. This has been requested for safety reasons by the FIA and the drivers, just as it has been at virtually every other circuit that F1 races on.

Parabolica has always been one of the most challenging corners in Formula 1. The approach from Variante Ascari is down a high speed straight into the right hander, the final corner at Monza which starts tight and gradually widens before leading on to the main straight. Any mistake would be punished with a costly journey through the gravel trap.

Now the curve is bordered by a wide piece of tarmac extension which allows errant drivers a forgiving run off area, and much more forgiving.

Whiting conceded, “We know that it is not as punishing to a driver who leaves the track but that is the price that we pay for much improved safety: a price both the drivers and I believe is worth paying.”

The changes prompted Ferrari junior driver and GP2 front runner to tweet the above photo and ask: “Perche..Why?” (GP247)