Mattiacci: I am going do a very good job

Marco Mattiacci confident he can turn things around at Ferrari

Marco Mattiacci confident he can turn things around at Ferrari

Six months ago Ferrari team principal Marco Mattiacci was parachuted into his post at Formula 1’s most famous team, and despite some trying times along with a below par car for his two superstar drivers he is convinced he will do a very good job at Maranello.

Speaking to the official F1 site, on the occasion of his 100 days at the helm of the Reds, Mattiacci declared: “I am convinced that I am going do a very good job. I am very confident.”

The Italian, with no hands on F1 experience, replaced Stefano Domenicali as team principal and was appointed to the post by Ferrari president LUca di Montezemolo.

The daunting task of returning the team to winning ways has done little to dampened his spirit since his arrival on the scene on the weekend of the Chinese Grand Prix.

“I am so much more motivated [than when I arrived in F1]. I’ve always been parachuted-in. In my very brief career journey, overall every two to three years I’ve always been called in to what is called a ‘difficult situation’ in order to turn it around,” said Mattiacci.

Marco Mattiacci with Luca di Montezemolo

Marco Mattiacci with Luca di Montezemolo

“So I am happy that the company is keeping me in that kind of responsibility. I am so excited. The more I receive criticism, the more my team receives criticism, that’s like an energy recovery system – we get more motivation out of it!”

“Every day I get more motivation so I am 100 times more motivated than when I started the job in China. I respect the fact that I am entering a very competitive world and that I work for the most powerful brand/franchise/team in the world.”

“My mission is to bring Ferrari back to the top and these 100 days have been extremely useful for me to understand where we excel and where we don’t. The feeling is extremely positive,”

Mattiacci says he is constantly learning, “Here in Formula 1 I am absorbing things every day from everybody: from people that open the gate in the morning to all the members of the team. I am bringing my skills to the table and I think Formula One is evolving so much.”

Asked to predict when Ferrari will return to the top step for the podium, Mattiacci was naturally evasive, “We have to work very hard and will find many tough days along the way, but we will get back to the top. I like to deliver rather than overpromise.” (GP247)