Hamilton: I am sure Nico will leave here happy

Lewis Hamilton speaks to media at Spa

Lewis Hamilton speaks to media at Spa

Lewis Hamilton was remarkably composed and unflustered when he spoke to media after his Belgian Grand Prix, ended earlier than expected, as contact with Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg as the pair entered Les Combs on lap two of the race resulted in the Briton’s third DNF of the season.

Speaking to media after his team called him in to retire his car with six laps to go Hamilton said, “Firstly i want to say, when I was doing the drivers parade the support was amazing so I am gutted I wasn’t able to give them something to cheer about.”

With regards to the incident he remarked, “What can I say? Initially it was really gutting I was driving so hard to try to get what I could get out of the car, it might not have looked that way but it was so damaged and I am just gutted for my team.”

“The guys work so hard, I got a good start, it was looking good, I took the corner as I should because it was my line and I don’t know why he hit me but i am sure he will leave here happy tonight.”

Asked how the incident compared to his falling out with rosberg after the Monaco Grand Prix,Hamilton replied, “I wouldn’t say it was worse than Monaco because it couldn’t get much worse than that.”

Lewis Hamilton made a great start in Blegium

Lewis Hamilton made a great start and led into Turn 1 in Belgium

The result means Rosberg leaves Belgium with a 29 points lead over Hamilton, “It’s not good, that is 30 points again now and, it took me a long time to catch that before but I know things can change. But if you notice Rosberg’s car rarely stops. it’s looking good for him this season now.”

Although Hamilton started from second on the grid, behind pole winner Rosberg, he managed to make a great start and take an early lead with Rosberg in his slipstream, from there the pair were expected to dominate the race but the script took a dramatic twist on the second lap.

“There’s a lot of things going on in my mind, maybe it is just not my year but I can’t let that overtake anything, but we have a great car and a great team and I will keep on fighting.”

“Who knows if some fortune will come my way but I will give it a go. It reminds me of when I was at school, the teachers will say something but they won’t do anything. The stewards didn’t do anything and I am now 30 points behind so I am just going to have push like hell,” declared the 2008 Formula 1 World Champion. (GP247)