Marussia shows Ferrari the way to power boost

Ferrari set for power boost

Ferrari set for power boost

Marussia has led the way for a reported 20 horse power boost for the under-powered Ferrari V6 Ferrari turbo power unit.

That is the claim of  Autosprint, reporting that at the forthcoming ‘power circuits’ at Spa and Monza, the Maranello team might have to thank its diminutive customer for a fistful of extra speed.

Reportedly, the clever solution gets more horse power out of Ferrari’s turbo engine. It is simply what correspondent Alberto Antonini refers to as a ‘magic paint’ that is applied as a shield to deliver more heat to the turbine.

Autosprint said Ferrari engineers first wanted the innovation to be tested on the ‘power units’ run by its Formula 1 customer, the backmarker team Marussia.

It is believed that, amid the tight engine development ‘freeze’, the FIA will green-light the mid-season change on the grounds of reliability. (GMM)