Magnussen not interested in talking to Massa

Felipe Massa and Kevin Magnussen collided in Germany

Felipe Massa and Kevin Magnussen collided in Germany

While Felipe Massa pointed a finger and blamed Kevin Magnussen in the wake of their spectacular collision on the first lap of the German Grand Prix, the McLaren driver kept quiet with regards to the incident, but in Budpaest he declared the matter done and dusted.

Asked by journalists if he would discuss the incident with Massa, Magnussen reesponded, “No, it’s done. We are here in Hungary and not in Germany any more. It happened and it’s good no-one got hurt, especially him because he was on his [roll hoop] and it looked bad. The most important thing is that he’s all right.”

“Whoever was at fault is not really something I get in to. It’s up to the stewards to judge and he was reported to the stewards, I wasn’t. From their view I didn’t do anything wrong,” explained the Danish rookie.

“What I did was get a great launch, got on the inside of Valtteri Bottas, but not quite enough to have him in the corner. Obviously I had to back out of that and then it happened. I’m not sure that I would have done anything different. You learn from these things and if it’s your fault or not it’s still experience and something you remember,” added Magnussen. (GP247)