Villeneuve: F1 is boring, something is missing

Jacques Villeneuve in Germany

Jacques Villeneuve in Germany

Outspoken former world champion Jacques Villeneuve has lamented the lack of heroes on today’s Formula 1 grid and has added his voice to claims that the pinnacle of the motor sport has become boring

But the outspoken 1997 world champion says it is not just the drivers’ fault, as the Formula 1 of today does not bring out the wild animal in them.

“The rules are too restrictive,” French Canadian Villeneuve told Schwetzinger Zeitung newspaper.

“I have always regarded Formula 1 as an extreme sport, but not really anymore,” the 43-year-old insisted. “The sport is no longer pure enough, because of the rules. Everything has become much too artificial.”

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel squeeze Kimi Raikkonen during their memorable battle in Germany

Fernando Alonso, Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel battle in Germany

That, Villeneuve says, means an easier time for the drivers, “The drivers no longer have to make a real effort.”

“You used to come into Formula 1 maybe still as a 20-year-old, but you would already be a man. Now you get the impression that they think racing is like playing with Lego.”

And Villeneuve said the latest rules overhaul has proved the final straw for many departing viewers and spectators.

“It is boring, we’re losing fans,” said the winner of 11 grands prix, who now attends the races as a television pundit. “You can feel that something is missing.” (GMM)