FRIC saga disappears with a whimper

Mercedes W05 front suspension

Mercedes W05 front suspension

As quickly as the FRIC saga swept into the Formula 1 paddock grabbing headlines for a week, it also disappeared – with barely a whimper.

“It changed nothing,” said Niki Lauda, chairman of the Mercedes team that supposedly would suffer most from the effective banning of the suspension technology. “It just cost a lot of money.”

Indeed, Nico Rosberg dominated the German Grand Prix without the sophisticated FRIC system that had been present for the Mercedes W05’s eight other wins in 2014.

“It was said that Mercedes has the most complex system – the best system – but the hierarchy has apparently not shifted at all,” said commentator Marc Surer on German television Sky. Even Mercedes’ rivals agree.

“To be honest, it seemed to have changed nothing with us,” said Red Bull team boss Christian Horner. “It had no effect. So now we have two kilos less ballast!” (GMM)